Secular Energeticism

Energeticism is a system of understanding existence that results from re-answering the fundamental questions of existence using current scientifically grounded, logically sound, fallacy-free information. In accordance with our Laws of Physics, all that exists is energy. Yes, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, which means the total amount has always existed. We are that energy aware of itself. In this regard, we are the universe aware of itself, observing itself, manipulating itself, and so on. And though energy is neither created nor destroyed, its forms, or re-combinations, are “destroyed”, like us. On this grand scale, we realize we’re completely composed of what we’ve come to call energy, and it turns out that you are the product of the movement of energy. You are the awareness of existence itself, bound to the material that gives rise to you as a phenomenon of the Universe that we know of, which is a lot at this time. Many things logically follow from this line of thinking, and that is the Energetic Perspective. Secular Energeticism is an absolute mind blower! It has been for me for over 18 years, as of (6/24/2016)

Energeticism is what we get when we realize that we are the Energy that has always existed, aware of itself. With this system of understanding, we come to identify with ourselves as awarenesses first, before any of the other labels we assign to ourselves. We remain awarenesses of all that has occurred to us and that surrounds us. (look in FAQs for an explanation of the title you are about to see) An understanding of Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness will further develop and reinforce these realizations and have you experiencing existence for what it is. You’ll understand it just fine, since you are the Universe reading about itself. Very cool!

Adding “Secular” to “Energeticism” is merely a sign of the times as we do need to be reminded of our intention and direction. This system of understanding is free of superstition and fallacious leaps in logic, to be clear. With a clear understanding of Secular Energeticism (really just the natural world as we’ve come to discover it), religions, and many other perspectives become easily perceived as illogical and devicive.

There are 28 Tenets, or truisms regarding existence, within Energeticism that are very simple, each of them, unto themselves. Once understood and considered all together, one’s perspective just shifts to one of universality. We are universal beings. Of this there is no doubt. As the book is being introduced into social climates that have been developing for over 200,000 years, we find that a few extra pages are required in order bring people up to date on our philosophical and cultural development, and to put these simple ideas into context. Reading through carefully, you will find it completely worth your time and energy. Once read and understood, you’ll see your position, and that of others, in a completely different way, unless you already see it this way, which would be great. For your convenience, there are¬†groups to join, Facebook pages to like, clothing to support and promote the movement, and some neat novelty items. Also, the entire book is on YouTube. First things first. Take some time to read and understand Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness, and enjoy the perspective that Secular Energeticism brings! This is a cultural movement springing from an awesome philosophical perspective, written simply for everyone! Finally. We have only waited 200,000 years. Jump on board with understanding yourself more simply than the human race ever has.

Thank you for your attention!

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