Overview of M1010 TOAA

The debates are over. The books served us as well as they could, and it is time to set them aside. Existence is more diverse than any book could ever explain it. Our flawed perceptions of existence are doing us more harm than good. For proof of this, just turn on the news. Over 200,000 years ago we began answering the fundamental questions of existence, understandably, without verifiable evidence. Over these years we have built upon those answers. And now we know better, but not all of us. Many cling tightly to understandings rooted in ancient, antiquated information. This has not only to do with our over 4000 concocted religions. Do you know what the fundamental questions of existence are? There are 6, just to keep it short. When do we exist? What are we? Who are we? Where are we? How did we come to exist? And, Why are we here? Oh, there are many more basic questions of existence (Chapter 4) that we can now answer accurately and truthfully. Many doubt this out of sheer habit. The answers are quite simple, while over the years we’ve thought the answers would be very complex. Are you brave enough to face the truths of existence? Brave or not, ready or not, here they are.

When do we exist? Now

What are we? Energy aware of itself

Who are we? Awarenesses

Where are we? On a planet within an infinite Universe

How did we come to exist? We evolved

Why are we here? No reason

This is the Energetic perspective obtained through Secular Energeticism, offered by Matthew 10:10.

“So what?” I thought you might say that.

With this perspective, we see that we are all in the same fundamental position. We all live on this planet with nothing to do but survive, reproduce, and alleviate boredom. This is what we have always done. This is how it has always been, despite all that we have made up about existence. Do you want an understanding of existence that is clear? Or would you prefer to continue to dwell, mentally in the muddled complexities that we have created for ourselves over the last 200,000 years that divide us and put us at odds?

Our position is now clearer than it has ever been. This existence is an energetic one that we all share. The answers are simple, in and of themselves. This isn’t about just you, or me. This is about Us, and for Us.

I told you it was simple.

Oh yes. There is much more to discuss. That is why I wrote it all down in Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness, and created this movement.

What you’ve just read is an abbreviated version of the book and how it leads the reader, or listener.

Stop arguing about things we know the answers to but are just to fearful to face, and stop fighting and killing each other over information that is false and irrelevant. That is what you would do if you understood the Energetic perspective. We are all awarenesses of all that surrounds us. We are all the Energy of the Universe aware of itself. This will solve many of our needless problems. Namely: Religon, racism, sexism, disrespect of education, misunderstandings of government, nationalism, patriotism, and more. Would that make this worth looking into and understanding?

In order to understand existence for what it is, you can either go back to school and study parts of many disciplines, or you can read, or listen to, Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness, and realize your nature as energy aware of itself.

Here’s how cool this is. You are the Universe reading patterns of itself right now. Feels good huh? Oh, there is so much more, just like it says at the end of Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness.

It is time for us to wake up. It is time for Secular Energeticism.

The book is published and available in print, and as an e-book. We have provided ways for you to stay in touch and involved, and ways to promote these efforts with clothing and novelty items. We could use some good philanthropists, therefore, donations can be made through our website using paypal. We would like to do more, and have more planned, but as of yet, this is still a hobby, a world-changing hobby. Every bit of support that we receive is greatly appreciated.

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