The Symbols of Secular Energeticism

Infinity Delta Infinity


These are the symbols of Secular Energeticism. They relate directly to five of the 28 Tenets of Secular Energeticism (Tenets 4-8 to be exact). They are an easy reminder that time did not begin, and nor will it end, and that we exist during this one moment of change, a moment that when measure is infinitely divisible, a moment that we call now. It’s an infinite past, and infinite future, for this moment when everything in the universe changes.

Now. The only moment that is actually real. And no matter how you measure it, call it a second, it can always be divided. This moment of reality is infinitesimally small. Enjoy your moments and help others to do the same. To the best of our knowledge, our individual existence is finite, as is the total amount of energy in existence.

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