Hello and welcome to this grand movement and revolution in our social and cultural development that is

Secular Energeticism!


You’ve encountered a beautiful thing here that will not happen overnight for you, nor for everyone else. That’s why there will be a fair amount to read, understand, and get into. After all, this is existence! Again, welcome, thank you, and enjoy!

Imagine our human culture understanding it’s position on a planet out in the middle of nowhere, alone, with over 7 billion people, all knowing that religions were our devicive creations, that we thought we were different races, that our genders were never to be taken pride in, along with our countries and cultures. A humanity that realizes farces and fallacies quicker than children are fooled by them. Knowing the fundamental questions and answers helps, while many experience great difficulty in even entertaining these simple ideas.


Personal note from the founding author (me): After 8 years in publication (and 18 years of consideration), this is the beginning of this movement for society at large, and it’s still very exciting to me. The way people understand the information and the questions and comments they have are astounding and, I thought I’d never have a need for the word, inspiring. The support so far is incredible. Very recently, I’ve decided to dedicate my life to the ideas and applications of Secular Energeticism, outlined in my book. In other words, this is the beginning of a “thing”, as much of a fad as any set of answers to the fundamental questions of existence. Many will understand this very simply, but still many others will require assistance in understanding, as well as application. Those of us who do understand, should help those who do not, and would like to, as I will do while I live.

Note to Secularists, Atheists, et cetera: You really should understand this more easily than anyone, and further, the need for such packaging. Without much circular arguing, you really should be my biggest supporters. I’ve made this super f***ing cool! Our symbols just crush it in their ability to generate curiosity. Yes, I’ve had tons of feedback over the last 8 years.

Note to Anyone: You should understand this very simply since you are the Universe reading about itself. Not understanding this is like water denying it’s hydrogen/oxygen composition, if it could, like you.

This is for you and everyone else on the planet. It is not easy for most. Here’s the deal. What religions are, is out of the box, and we have our greatest potential to be done with them during this era in history. It also turns our that concepts about race, sex, nationalism, and much more, are just as flawed as religions, the human constructs that they are. In other words, once we realize the flawed nature of religion, we should also see how the use of that type of logic has permeated our respective cultures. We didn’t just make up our 4200+ religions, we’ve made up everything that has to do with who we think we are; our personas. Simply put, we are the Universe aware of itself, existing on a planet. The answers are simple. Applying those answers to all that we’ve done over the last 200,000 years is not so simple. So, I wrote a book about it for everyone to get on the same page about the simple answers to the fundamental questions of existence, and initiated this earnest movement of understanding.

Secular Energeticism is the result of readdressing the fundamental questions of existence, and answering those questions with current, verifiable and valid information (science to many of you, whose roots are in thoroughly grounded in Philosophy, hence PhD, Doctor of Philosophy). What other kind of information would you want within your basic foundation of understanding existence? The reasons for doing this are innumerable and exhaustive (Chapter 3 “Why Now?”). The benefits are practically unfathomable (Chapters 5-9). This system makes understandable how people construct belief systems of every kind imaginable. You’re creating a system of understanding what you are interpreting right now!

Once understood, Energeticism is incredibly, almost painfully, simple. It’s primary Tenets, which are more a collection of truisms, are spaced out in a list within 3 pages at the beginning of Chapter 5, each of them worth considerable thought, and yielding considerable insight.

Many of our needless and horrible problems stem from our misperceptions of existence, and would be greatly alleviated if we understood existence. It turns out that understanding existence is incredibly simple; realistically, too simple for many to handle.

Life is not a book (Chapter 1), and there’s a story to tell behind why I wrote this one (Chapter 2). Additionally, there are great and grave reasons why we need this one now (Chapter 3). We revisit the questions; some may do so begrudgingly (Chapter 4). New, simpler ideas emerge regarding the answers to these questions that starkly contrast answers that we’ve forced upon ourselves for thousands of years. It’s time to “wake up”. The simple answers comprise what is being shared as Secular Energeticism (Chapter 5 Energeticism). Together we turn to understand the position that we all find ourselves in (Chapter 6), then what it’s like to realize existence energetically, and to what benefit (Chapter 7). The questions are simple, and so are the answers, despite how the human race has contrived it’s ancient and antiquated answers to these very same questions (Chapter 8). It is time for Us to realize some very simple things and agree for a change (Chapter 9). This paragraph outlines the chapters of Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness, within which is outlined, Energeticism. It’s time we all got on the same page about a few very basic things regarding our existence together here, while our options for thought remain, truly, infinite. The title is clever as it is the authors name, birthday, and travelling awarenesses are what we are, most fundamentally. We can put your name on it! See Promotions!

3 perfect edge from last order

I am an Energeticist and have been for over 18 years. I wrote about Energeticism for you over 8 years ago. We had to add Secular so you’d realize that we’re addressing these fundamental questions utilizing logic and always seeking validity and truth in accordance with the goals of philosophy, which is the opposite of religious ideologies and superstitious premises and conclusions. It’s a fine time to be alive.


Below this sentence are a few extra tid bits that may resonate with you and pics that will remain while I am editing this to make these efforts more clear to the large influx of visitors we are receiving lately.


You may have heard that we are the energy of the Universe aware of itself. It turns out that this is exactly what we are, and there’s a lot to consider in light of this fact, and facts that lead to this realization, and beyond it.

Welcome to Secular Energeticists Global!

Presenting and representing Secular Energeticism since 2007. This is a global endeavor that is currently launching out of Colorado!


Understand this, and you will be able to understand anything. It takes time, and I’m here to assist while I exist. That’s why I’m a therapist.

Welcome to a revolution in human universal understanding! This revolution is outlined within the pages of Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness. Matthew Winfield, born 10/10/75. It’s not what you think, unless you thought that this is designed to give true perspective and render religions useless while addressing general ignorance. Check out our FAQs!!!!


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Welcome to existence! Welcome to Secular Energeticism and Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness!

Once we take away precarious and flawed answers to the fundamental questions of existence, The Questions remain, and new, factual answers are now available. Secular Energeticism. A description of existence, not a prescription for existence.

Welcome to this revolutionary movement, and thank you visiting. I’ve waited 18 years, and we’ve waited over 200,000 years, historically. Time to wake up, if you want. Buy Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness to be ahead of the game! Get some clothes and a bumper sticker as we help the Universe become aware that it is the Universe aware of itself. Check out local events in the SEG Posts Menu!

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