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Hello, my name is Matthew Winfield. Author, Founder of Secular Energeticism, Activist, and Therapist.

We’ve misunderstood existence and our position for over 200,000 years, and now these misinterpretations are doing enormous amounts of damage. It is time we wake up as a species and actually understand existence. We have a way out. I’ve spent my entire life studying and examining our human predicament, and 19 years ago came to many wonderfully simple and understandable conclusions. 9 years ago, I realized that our societies would be greatly benefited by understanding this perspective, the Secular Energetic Perspective. So, having studied many of the necessary sciences and philosophies, I decided to write down the understandings and perspectives that form Energeticism (the word “secular” was added in observance of current cultural circumstances). Brace yourself for the title of the book, it is something you will come to understand and eventually find humor in. The book explaining this process, our return to the fundamental questions of existence, Energeticism, and Our Position here together on Earth, is Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness. Through all this study of who and what we are, it turns out that you are an awareness of the observable Universe.

Since you are likely one person, and I am speaking to all 7 billion people on the planet, there are some things that need to be understood immediately for you to realize what you are looking at.

Being conveyed here is a logically valid understanding of existence that every person on the planet should be able to understand since it is a description of existence and all that comes with it. I have loved it for 19 years, and every single person that I come across who comes to understand its simplicity, loves it. In other words, this is a basic and beautiful understanding of existence that does not lead to ideas that are difficult to accept. In yet other words, a system of understanding existence where you don’t feel like you’re being lied to, because you’re not. These are the truths of existence.

Since this system of understanding is a much better description of existence and our position than has ever been presented to the human race, we must realize that it is something worth revealing to the human race. Secular Energeticism is a fashioned packed that is to be represented and popularize. Religions are package deals that have been provided with ribbons and bows and empty promises and fan fare, blah blah blah. In other words, Secular Energeticism is a cultural movement. As more people come to understand SE, the more culture itself will be understood and change for the better. THis is for all 7 billion of us. Hey, 200,000 years ago we could not have known better. Now we do.

I didn’t write the book, just to jot it all down. I’ve created a social and cultural movement that is starting to catch on, I’m quite happy to say. That was the intention 9 years ago when I wrote it, and I’ve been slowly building in the background over these years, preparing for a time when I’d be able to commit myself to this undertaking. That time is now, and I need you, because we need us.

I’d love to explain everything here, but it takes a book to explain everything, or several seminars with me.

I am not sure if you are ready to hear what I have to tell you, but unfortunately, we have run out of time. You’ve been living in a dream world. A world created by humans, for humans.

Around 200,000 years ago, the human race began asking and answering questions about our position and existence. Without being able to verify those answers, we proceeded to construct systems of understanding our position. This spawned over 4200 different descriptions of our position that we now call religions. Little did we know how far from reality we were straying. This would be ok if people were not losing their dignity and lives over these misinterpretations of existence and our position, as societies are governing using these principles.

The world is undergoing a change. We are realizing that religions are inaccurate descriptions of existence, again created by humans.