Thank you so much for visiting. This is a very exciting time! After more than 200K years, we finally are able to know, objectively, many simple truths about existence and our position here on Earth and relative to the cosmos! These understandings change the ways we perceive our human existence here together on this little planet. It’s been 19 years since I was able to cumulatively bring these understanding together into an order that makes sense, especially in light of all that humans have created to answer very simple questions that have very simple answers, we now know. 19 years ago I referred to these understandings collectively as Energeticism, since it turns out that we are Energy that exists in the Universe, talking, writing, reading, and aware of itself, and that’s us! I am glad that the human race is ready, and can now move on. It is ever apparent that we need to. That’s why I chose to share this almost 9 years ago now. Having a completely atheistic background, I wrote a book about Energeticism and us. When I finished the book and started developing the website and everything associated with it, it quickly became apparent that “Secular” had to be added to Energeticism in an attempt to avoid confusion with artists of mysticism and woo. THIS IS NOT WOO. Hence, Secular Energeticism was born. My stories are interesting, and I don’t tell them enough. Until now….But what matters most are the raw facts that answer questions of existence and our position. FYI The Answers (hidden Chapter 8), as we can now understand them, are ridiculously simple. Simple does not mean easy. Would you like to know the simplicity of existence? Perhaps you already do? Either way, join the club. Secular Energeticism does not, will not, and really has no need to, make extravagant claims about reality. People think they are brave…try facing reality….here, as Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness, the book, presents Secular Energeticism.

Hi! We’re energetic beings on a planet! Further, we are awarenesses within our brains. Our bodies are composed of atoms and sub-atomic particles that were created far from where our planet is now. We evolved here on Earth over its 4.5 billion year span of existence. Time is a measurement of change and did not begin. Hence the year is not 2015. We are on this planet, within our solar system that is on the outer edge of a galaxy that has a black-hole at its center. Our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies, all with billions of stars, and a majority of those stars have planets with moons. We are not here for any reason, but we sure do like to imagine and create reasons, and act on them. If you can handle and enjoy all of that, then you’ll likely enjoy being a Secular Energeticist, and enjoy this whole movement that is Secular Energeticism!

All of this is said for the reason that I think you need to know immediately, exactly how we arrive at being Secular Energeticists. Of course there is more to convey. That’s why there’s a book. Moving along, I think it is more important to understand why we would identify with said title.

For all of you I must denote here that humanity may now let go of their many religions. We may also let go of racism, sexism, nationalism, and plenty of irrelevant systems of misunderstanding existence. It’s beyond time for us to move on. Realizing what we are is how we do this.

Here’s how this is going down!

Why are we here? How did we get here? What are we? Where are we? When are we? And who are we? (That first paragraph up there consists of the answers to these simple questions)

These are the fundamental questions of existence. Do you have any idea, the emotions that are evoked by these questions? How about the thoughts that these questions usually bring up? Right. We’re ready to move on…

Based on factual, scientifically backed, data that the human race has encountered over the last several millennia, we can now answer these questions quite simply. You may naturally wonder about this simplicity and inquire as to why we hadn’t figured them out sooner. One answer must be two pronged. Fear. The answers are too simple and very frightening to one who adheres to a fundamental belief system, heavily based on fallacious premises. Is it frightening to exist on a planet out in the middle of nowhere? Eh, a little. It’s pretty humbling. The other prong is simply to assert that many people did figure out many things, albeit in isolated areas, where assuredly they’d buck the status quo with their heretical ideas. These individuals were often recipients of demises untimely. And now much time has passed. We’re ready to move on…

Up above I said this is now a thing. This thing is Secular Energeticism! In my book Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness, we notice the books humanity has used, currently and in the past, to understand existence. We learn a bit about the author. We freak out over the religions, and thought processes, that we’ve indoctrinated ourselves with. Then we finally go back to the questions. Then to the simple answers that are the pieces (28 Tenets) of Energeticism, looking closely at each one to understand their logical form and function. With all of this we move to understand our position, and ways of understanding our position. Applying these ideas to everyday life is what energetic existence is all about. Almost through the book, we bluntly look at simple answers to many more questions. Finally, we come to understand how all of this applies to us, humanity, and life in general, as a whole.

We can clearly answer the questions now. It’s just not what everyone wants to hear. Regarding these basic questions, we’ve been telling ourselves what we want to hear for hundreds of thousands of years. Time to move on.

Presenting Secular Energeticism! Clearly a universal perspective for a universal species.

More to come

Matthew Winfield, Author, Founding Activist, Therapist