4First, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit! This undertaking and perspective is nothing short of amazing in its simplicity! Please, read on….

It’s time. Time for you, and all of us, to understand what it means to be the Universe aware of itself, and to be an awareness. You will want to know why this seems necessary, and how we go about conveying these ideas. Both are good and valid questions. The direct answers lie within the pages of Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness, which presents Secular Energeticism, a perspective that is a description of the existence of everything, ourselves included. You will be the Universe reading about itself, in the same sense that you are the Universe absorbing another part of the Universe right now.

This book puts forward the basics of this understanding, but this is all much more than just a book. This is the foundation of an entire culture. You will find many parts quite familiar, since you are the Universe aware of itself, reading about itself, and coming to understand itself anew. Not everyone is ready to understand reality for what it is. Historically, we never have, and were never able. Despite popular belief, we are now more than able to understand the realities of existence for what they are, and thus experience existence in ways rarely thought possible, and readily suppressed.

Looking back over 200,000 years of human cultural development, are you ready for the next steps in human understanding? After 20 years of working with this and talking about it, I have found that many are not ready for this. However, given circumstances, humanity needs it in order to help alleviate needless suffering. Come to understand it yourself, then carefully share it with others for all of our sake. Thank you, and enjoy!

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There are links to get the book, our clothing and novelty store, social media pages, FAQs (like, why Matthew 10:10?), and more rambling articles and attempts at clarity from the author, on this website. Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments or concerns. Thank you and enjoy being the Universe aware of itself!

Side note: any ONE of the realizations conveyed in this book, are worth its cost. A thorough understanding of it? Priceless!

Secular Energeticism, it’s not that tough to say, and once one understands the ideas, it so simple, as it should be as a description of existence…

At this stage, and likely for many years to come, YOU will be one of the front-runners of Secular Energeticism. Understand and help others to understand, because we can now understand.