This is what we have to share.

Wake up everyday and realize these things. This will contribute to your universal, energetic perspective and have you seeing reality for what it is. It should also make you ever curious how we, humans, figured all of this stuff out. The biggest benefit? You will realize, make real, the ridiculousness of religions, racism, sexism, homophobia, politics, nationalism, and more! To aid in understanding, get my book and watch COSMOS (new or old).  Realize that all of the following are undeniable facts. You may find yourself debating one or two upon first glance, that’s why they’re each described briefly in Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness (posted for reference in our Facebook group Secular Energeticism). Please share and enjoy this new perspective that humanity is only now privy to. I have been enjoying it for more than 16 years and now give it to you. In the book I say that thoughtful review of these statements only would do wonders for us, but there is much to shed in order to gain this persepctive. Enjoy.

These truths give rise to the Energetic Perspective that humanity is already moving toward.

Get a head start!

The 28 Tenets of

Secular Energeticism

1) We, as living things in this Universe, are the Energy of the Universe Aware of Itself.

2) We are energetic beings, aware of themselves.

3) We express, absorb,and process energetic patterns, within us.

4) Now is the only moment that exists.

5) The moment we call now is infinitely divisible.

6) Al l the energy in the universe changes at the same moment. Now.

7) Change had no beginning and will not end.

8) The Universe appears to be infinite.

9) The total amount of Energy of the Universe is finite.

10) All changes in a known system are calculable, and thus, predictable.

11) Nature is everything that exists.

12) The nature of everything is natural.

13) This life is it.

14) Death is it.

15) Human existence is.

16) Humans are, and have always been, free to do what they will.

17) Human existence moves toward unity.

18) Humans have the ability to achieve peace and harmony, on Earth.

19) Every energetic occurrence, and all that leads to it, is knowable.

20) Humans possess the ability to learn vast amounts of information.

21) Life is equal in worth amongst all who possess it. Humans are not equal.

22) Life feeds on life and non-life.

23) Humanity may or may not choose to take responsibility for itself.

24) We are alone here, on Earth, together, until we are not here, or alone.

25) Love is manifested from energetic forces .

26) This existence is a coincidence.

27) We seek to understand our position in the Universe.

28) Energy is mass times the speed of light squared.