Hello and welcome to Secular Energeticists Global! My name is Matthew Winfield, founder of Secular Energeticism, author, therapist, and activist.


It’s time for something new, and this is completely worth your time, so please, take your time….

Hey, how’s it going? When the Universe finally encounters an accurate description of itself, what does it do? You are the Universe that has encountered an accurate description of itself, and that description, once understood, reveals the overwhelming amount of inaccurate descriptions of itself. Foreshadow: You are none of the things that you identify with, but an awareness of those things. This will rock your world in everyday life! And there is so much more here.

We have problems to address. There is no other reason to do something like this. It’s time for a reset in perspective. We should all be absolutely fed up with watching people and entire societies mislead and deceive themselves, and all those around them, regarding¬†our fundamental understanding of existence (mostly addressed by religions and pseudo-metaphysical nonsense), race, sex/gender, and many other constructs of humanity. I started talking about this 19 years ago. I wrote it down in plain, understandable terms 9 years ago, and have provided this framework for you. This is not mine. It is yours, in two ways. One, humanity has already come to these conclusions, the pieces exist in many places. I learned all of this from humanity, then rearranged the patterns to address serious issues. Honestly, it’s not mine! Two, once you understand it, you will realize that this is all just a description of what we already are, and will always be, and the understanding will be yours. I have done, and am doing, everything I can, but I cannot do it alone. There is much for us to realize together that is absolutely true, and in line with reality. I’ve written a simple book for you, and created this framework that is Secular Energeticism. 30 years of my life has gone into this, and now, I give it to you. Since you are energy of the total amount of energy in the Universe aware of itself, you may refer to yourself as an Energeticist. Realize, we didn’t move in this direction to continue to be wishy-washy about our fundamental understanding of existence, that’s why this is Secular Energeticism. This may look complex, but by the time you understand it, the brilliant simplicity will blow you away!

This is us finally understanding existence and our position as we never have before. (it’s taken forever, literally!)

We no longer need religions.

We are not different races.

Sexism is abusive.

We are fortunate to exist at all.

There are about 7.4 billion of us existing together, on a planet, at the edge of a galaxy that takes light 80,000 years to traverse, among billions of galaxies.

Evolution is not “a fact”. It is thousands of facts, discovered through arduous study.

We, and everything around us, are completely composed of atoms and subatomic particles.

We are the energy of the Universe, aware of itself.

These are some of the concepts you will gather from Secular Energeticism, a world view that utilizes valid logic to establish a fundamental understanding of existence, without making invalid leaps in logic (that is crazy important).

Here is where this all comes together. Religions, and other invalid ideologies, provide answers to the fundamental questions of existence. Within religions and human cultures, there is much information that is questionable, doubtful, and invalid. Our fundamental understandings of existence need not use information that is questionable. We have come to know much more now.

Since not everyone has time to go back to school to learn all of this, and since one need not be a genius to understand existence, I have written a book that identifies our fundamental questions of existence, and moves to answer them simply and logically. You will be absolutely amazed by the perspective that is Energeticism, and by the effect it has on how you see everything. The book was written simply and should be easy for most people to understand unto itself. I say, “unto itself”, for the fact that there are many distractions when it comes to understanding existence for what it is.

This is more than a book. It is a change in culture that is happening, and it has been fashioned to be so. People are loving the book, and the symbols get attention as well as start conversations. There are bumper stickers and clothes to promote the ideas, and get people to this website. Though this is based out of Colorado, people from all over the world are getting into this. And yes! The people do need this packaged for them. The closest thing out there, for you, like this, is Secular Humanism, which I fully support. The two work perfectly together. Atheists are on the front line to one of the main catalysts of ignorance, religions, yet there is more for us to do and provide.

The time has come as we see major misunderstandings perpetuated throughout our societies and causing way too much harm. Humans changed the world to what it is today. And now we’re changing it to what it will be tomorrow. I can do what I’ve done, and continue to work, but you must perpetuate this and let people know about it. The bumper stickers are a perfect, inexpensive way to support this universal understanding of existence. There are 19 different sayings to choose from (or you may just sport the symbols!), printed on bumper stickers and apparel in our online store, SEG Apparel. The book is offered on Amazon and through Lulu, and directly from me. Check out the side bar menus for more info and promotions.

Unlike what we’ve told ourselves about existence for the last 200,000 years, this is real. I greatly respect your understanding, and hope you enjoy getting to know existence, yourself, and our position, for what they are. Let’s move on mentally and culturally, together.

Oh, one thing you should know about the book. The title contains my name and birthday. Check the FAQs for more on that.

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