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This revolution is happening, and the book, Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness is the cornerstone of this movement that is Secular Energeticism.

First, my dear secular friends and audience, do not be thrown off by the use of my name and birthday, Matthew 10:10, as I would if I were you, it is merely a way to bring up the issues that we are addressing. To the religious, this is your opportunity to traverse the chasm of understanding existence based on fables, to doing so based on the simple, sometimes difficult, facts.

Second…..what comes second? Oh yeah, though this may look fluffy and fanciful, I can assure you, it is quite serious. Enjoyable, but serious.

The revolution is us, as the Universe, realizing ourselves as such, quite realistically. This is not exactly as simple as it sounds, given the cultural climate that has developed over the last 200,000 years. Simple truths amongst complex fables (fallacies).

It’s time to understand ourselves for what we are. I wrote one simple book relating these ideas, and that should be good enough, truly. It’s a very powerful book, in it’s truth and simplicity. I am here to support, and represent, the ideas it conveys for as long as I live.


It is time for us to understand the stark truths of existence. The advantages for us doing so, are incredibly relevant, and would have far reaching effects within cultures. For instance, it turns out that sexism, racism, and religion, along with many other antiquated constructs, are completely unnecessary. The perspective of a Secular Energeticist assumes these premises, finding it easier to respect other forms of life, and easier to identify with the awareness of a being, that is the self, hence the title, Travels of an Awareness.

Our deception of ourselves has harmed too many, continues to do so, and is now avoidable. Let’s go. This is not just a book, it’s a movement, a thing, a fad, if you will. It is truly a revolution that the Universe realizes, makes real, that it is the Universe realizing itself, as you are inevitably doing right this moment. Trust is hard, but this is real, and it is brilliant. I’ve lived understanding it for over 18 years. You’ll come to understand that it’s not as tricky as it may seem at first. The human race has made it tricky to get here and to hold this understanding. No longer. I wrote it down simply and am here for as long as I possibly can.

I’m very active locally now and will be at various venues doing signings and seminars, delivering books to locals. Click here for exciting local promotions!!

I also offer individual, couples and group sessions to understand and incorporate these realizations about existence.

We’ve also got swag that I’m pretty impressed with, to carry the forward and perpetuate its popularity. I think we’d all like something smart, cool, and true. Here it is and has been for almost 9 years in this form, 19 years with me. This was presented in a slightly different form by Ernst Mach, friends with Einstein, who was Mach’s type of Energeticist. I didn’t know all this when I arrived at the term, and of course I was happy to have discovered it.

When you realize that people do, in fact, kill over fables, you’ll realize that the truths are right here, and they set one free of fables. Freedom is an illusion, since we are Universe, moving. That last statement gives merit to this endeavor.

The Universe is coming to understand itself. Secular Energeticism is a description of existence, not a prescription. In order to change our mental position, we must first understand enough of it.

Welcome to existence! Welcome to Secular Energeticism and Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness!