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Overview of M1010 TOAA

The debates are over. The books served us as well as they could, and it is time to set them aside. Existence is more diverse than any book could ever

Awareness is Bliss

Thank you for visiting the Secular Energeticist’s official website Have you seen this bumper sticker out there while driving around? Get one You’ve probably heard the opposite stated for your entire life.

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This website and this organization have been under development for over six years now. Over the years, many changes have been made to this website with the intention of making it

What is the origin of “Matthew 10:10″?

Many titles were considered in naming the book, Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness. Once decided, Matthew 10:10 became the company name back in 2007, then translated over to the

Welcome to Secular Energeticists Global


I am currently editting this…we’re getting some attention. Seriously cool stuff has been happening!

Why should you be happy reading all of this?

Because how we exist here together is important.

No TLDRs. This is awesome!

WARNING: If you are deeply into some religion you may want to exit this page now! I am sure you are curious. Don’t worry. Don’t be curious. For if you go too far into this, you’ll look up at certain moments and think, “wow”, and you will find it more and more challenging to adhere to your religion and/or your system of understanding existence that you may harbour. That’s your warning. That’s your chance to remain like most have been for thousands of years, and that’s ok. These are transitional times for humanity and the ways it comes to terms with itself. History shows the time this takes. Buckle up.

Well, here it is! This is happening!

And since it’s happening, there are some things we should all understand and keep readily in mind. Of course, the following is not exhaustive:

This is very powerful stuff! It has been provided for everyone, but not everyone can handle it. Not everyone is ready to see existence in these ways. Statistically, it’s likely that less than one billion of our 7 billion can handle this and enjoy existence. My experience reveals this as well. I am sorry if you are one of these. I am overjoyed if you think and feel like you’ve achieved a more universal perspective, or would like to, and expound upon that.

This endeavor is innocent. Over the millenia, humans have sought to understand themselves and their position. We, over the millenia, have come up with some wacky ideas, admittedly. Some of them, we still take quite seriously. As we progress in our understanding, many of our fables are forced to fall by the wayside in light of new information. We must adapt. And though we’re adept at adapting evolutionarily, circumstantially, we’re quite prone to revert to our responses of fight or flight. In other words, we’re not adapting quickly to new information regarding existence and our position here. That said, that is what this is; a compilation of understandings that we are able to agree upon and verbalize at this point in time during human existence, in certain places. Let’s be real. This information, in todays global cultural climate, is dangerous for us all, still! Blah. Sorry to say. The point is that we can now understand ourselves, what this existence is, and the position that we all share. These simple understandings reveal, brilliantly, the follies of our creations. Yes. Our creations.

This battle should always be mental, and never, ever, physical. All of this is in our heads anyway. It’s such a shame that energetic beings resort to expressions of physical violence as a result of their lack of understanding, or misunderstanding, of their positon, and that of others.That said, an awareness knowing the history of this human civilization, should be well aware of the violence that exists quite healthily, especially in light of new information. The past is riddled with these consequences. We are simply sharing what we’ve found to be true about our predicament here. This predicament is ours, and ours alone. Point? Be smart, not violent, knowing what you know, or are about to know.

Regarding that last statement, realize that the human race has never in 200K years understood itself for what it is, so now that you are getting closer to that point than others, and yourself previously, try very hard not to hold it against them. Ideas can be invalid. People weilding them are awarenesses, animals, usually scared, if not aware.

As Secular Energeticists, we don’t have all the answers, simply the ones that matter most, to the questions that matter most. In all directions, there is always so much to learn.

What  else?

Try to keep this clean and don’t make it stupid. We’ve had enough of jumping to whimsical conclusions out of our fear of not existing and so on.

Very important. Religion is actually a cover, a rouse, a smoke screen for humans who either don’t know better, or ignore information that has been presented. So yes. Religion, huge problem. Human misunderstanding and igorance, well that gave rise to religion. Our problem is with understanding. Religion had/has its place in history and has served purposes for unknowing civilizations. We now know a lot.

I won’t be here forever, but this is what the human race is fully capable of understanding, collectively, about ourselves and our position. This is happening, and will happen, with or without me. It is just a matter of whether we want to wait, or expediate the process. I would wait myself, but the needless torment that humans bring upon each other is abhorrent and nauseating. Like it says on my cards, “If not now, when?”

You may be able to tell that this seems like a moment for me. I’ve been all about this for over 18 years. I wrote this book over 7 years ago. People love this stuff once they understand even part of it. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of support from the few who know about this. More is happening, as mentioned at the beginning. That said, I’m not sure what to do. I hove tons of ideas, but I don’t know how best to be here for all of you while I am here. You know, should I tour? Should I stay local? Should I speak or counsel? Meet with groups all the time or go solo? If I start one track, I may need to leave it if another is presented. Feel free to shoot me some ideas while I continue working my day job.

This is now a thing! There are people I’ve never met wearing 10:10 Apparel, meeting about the book, quoting it in posts, and in many very different parts of the world. So far, I love it more than I ever thought I would.

Oh?! You want to know what this is all about? It’s about you, it’s about us, and it’s about time. It’s about the fact that you are the Universe reading itself, right now, and I was the Universe writing about itself for it to read later. Such is Our Position. The Universe aware of itself. Energy talking, essentially. Hi!

Anyway. Book. Social stuff. Clothes. Sweet Universal Realizations.

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Welcome to Secular Energeticism,

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