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Hello fellow awareness inside a vast and powerful brain! Welcome and thank you so much for taking the time to visit. Allow me to show you around a little bit, as things may appear a bit odd in here at first.

First off, my name is Matthew Winfield. I’ve done all of this stuff you’ll encounter here, and there’s always so much more to do. In other words, I don’t have a staff.

This all really started when I was 9 years old while a friend was attending Catechism. There’s quite a story there. Long story short, I sought answers to questions, that religions claimed to have answered, by going to school to discover how and why we are here on Earth, among other fundamental questions. So, through 8 years of college, I took a vast array of courses with a focus on these basic and universal questions of existence, and found the stark and amazing answers. We are amazing.

At this point I was content with those answers for myself. Understanding existence was simple, and still is. I could have, and would have kept this all to myself if not for the rampant misunderstandings in societies everywhere on the planet, and the atrocities that result from those misunderstandings. I sat (and sit) content knowing that if people realized what they were, how they came to be, and their universal position, many of those misunderstandings would be recognized as irrelevant, unnecessary, erroneous, superfluous, you get the point. So, I felt compelled and obligated to write it down. My background is in Psychology and Philosophy, so I am an ardent advocate of the use logic and the scientific method. Luckily, or skillfully, the proofs for all of my key points are givens within the scientific community. So, on with the tour.

There’s a lot going on here so I will attempt to simplify. Eight years ago I wrote Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness that contains, at its heart, Energeticism. What? No. There’s no religion here and no “woo” or mysticism. I just said I’m an ardent advocate of the use of logic and the scientific method. Come on now. Anyway. Upon completion, I built this website, but it looked really bad since I was not a web developer. I hope you’re liking the new look. Moving right along. With the website came a line of clothing, of which there are now 11 lines, I think. We’re on Facebook, the entire book is in audio format on YouTube, we have a meet-up group, we’re on Twitter, and I’m a Registered Therapist. We have many mental changes to go through, as a species, due to the influx of reliable information over the last 100-4000 years (mostly in the last 100 😉 ).

Most of what you may be looking for, or wanting to know about this endeavor, may be found in the surrounding menus. “Dig In” contains information about Secular Energeticism. “10:10’s Posts” is fresher, wanting to be, more recent info, like Events. “10:10 Links” gets you to our social media and retail sites (get the book, buy some clothes). Oh that donate button? Don’t really worry about that. We’re trying very hard to get started without it, especially since we’re not a non-profit yet.

And that’s what’s going on around here. You might be thinking, still, “but what’s this all about?” There are many ways for me to answer that question, but for this space, I enjoy saying this is about us. We still have so much to learn, and we will, as we turn to face reality; stark and amazing.


This mental revolution is happening! Enjoy SE! Brought to you by Matthew 10:10  😀

Major changes are still being made to the website and there are plenty more to come. Join me on Facebook to give me feedback on our progress. You may also leave comments through this website, but join us on Facebook anyway.

Reminding the Universe that it is the Universe aware of itself, since 2007 (formally).

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