Completely and Utterly Justified

Oh. You have got to be kidding me. This article has been a long time coming.

People may look at what is happening here and think, “Oh my, this guy’s trying to profit from his ideas.”

To this I say, “Duh. These are ridiculously great ideas, simple and great in their simplicity. The entire undertaking is a ridiculously great idea.”

Break out your wallets. Seriously. Religions and “metaphysical” charlatans have been profiting wildly from the public’s willingness to buy into information presented to them that is built on invalid logic, fallacies. Here we have Matthew, who’s written a perspective that is built on valid logic, contrary to what has been done over the last 200,000+ years. Not only did I write it down, I’ve created an attractive culture of ideas and called it Secular Energeticism! This is a huge undertaking, and I love it. It does begin with Atheism, but we are facing much more, as we realize fallacious premises everywhere we look, as many acknowledge. You will quickly come to understand this while reading my book about Secular Energeticism, Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness.

Please realize that I have products and services to offer, and mean to support myself by continuing to offer these resources, also to mention the administration of all of these websites (or did you not know that I have done all of this, mostly alone for the last 9 years). In other words, I thoroughly enjoy working for my living. That said, currently, as I am out on my own with this work, and fully committed to it, I would greatly appreciate generous donations from those who are able, and would like to see secularism emerging at a faster rate as a result of my work.

So, support me. You do not encounter many things like this, and things like this are exactly what our societies need. Massive amounts of money, time and energy have been given to organizations who treat our fundamental understanding of existence with negligence. Secular Energeticism is a system of understanding existence, a worldview, that does everything humanly possible to adhere to the use of valid logic. Some of the truths will seem amazing and mind-blowing, others are not so easy, but hey, that’s reality for you, for all of us, finally.

Here’s what I would love to see. Please purchase a copy (or a few) of Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness. Help me provoke and promote with the bumper stickers and the clothing. I have many articles of clothing, and it’s all very good stuff! Use my services. Attend and pay for seminars events. I offer personal sessions for individuals, couples, and families. And please, go ahead and donate. Someday, I will put this company in a position to make these donations tax deductible (I do know that I can back track when this time comes).

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