What is “Matthew 10:10”?

It’s me. It’s my name and my birthday. But that’s not why it’s there.

It’s a way for a religious person to pick up a secular book. đŸ™‚

Yes it certainly does look like a bible verse, however, it is not. Funny story really….

When I named the book Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness, I actually did not know that Matthew 10:10 was a bible verse. I chose the title because my name and birthday, using a colon, look like a bible verse, which I thought was perfect as the title brings up the questions and issues that we are needing to address. It was craftily chosen with the understanding that many would have questions about its use. For us, it is a fun title. In the long run, its effects will be most delightful. Some people are even calling us 10:10 for short. Another function of the title was to ease the entrance into a more secular mentality for any curious and brave religious people. Just to be clear, atheism is an assumed philosophical stance for Secular Energeticism, as is evolution, and this book and organization are highly atheistic. Welcome to reason and logic in understanding existence most simply. Now that we have a choice, we’ve had enough of the nonsense.

I often refer to the title as a small amount of fun I was having when writing the book. May you learn to love it as I, and others, have.

Short answer: It’s my name and my birthday and was supposed to be tricky, but not so tricky that my beloved secular community would second guess the work. We’ll get there.

This book in no way endorses any religious ideologies. In fact, it exposes them for what they are, fabrications of humans. It’s time for reality, which is what this book is about. Enjoy!

Thank you for your understanding! Let’s move on to bigger and better things….

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