SEG. Secular Energeticists Global. After 200,000 years of mythologizing our understandings of existence, it becomes spectacularly apparent that Atheism is a prerequisite for true understanding of existence, and that is only the beginning. The myths answered questions to which we now have verifiable answers that are vastly different than all that we’ve imagined over the milennia. The answers are simple, despite our desires for them to be complex. Our lives and journeys are complex, while understanding existence is not. 
Are you ready to understand existence simply? If so, then welcome to Secular Energeticism!!
For most, this is the first time they have encountered this perspective, or system of understanding existence. Many intellectuals are debating right now whether we need something written down and laid out for us. To answer that, just ask Greg Epstein, Humanist Chaplain at Harvard, and front-runner of Secular Humanism. Can you see what is happening? Atheism is beautiful and necessary after all that we’ve put ourselves through over the last 200,000 years. Atheism is our mental battle line. Beyond Atheism, many are renaming their mental position with regard to the fundamental questions of existence.
In general, Secular perspectives are emerging.
Hi, I’m Matthew Winfield. Born 10/10. My entire life has been spent working to understand this existence for what it is, as opposed to what it is not. I went through school with this focus, studying as much as I could to understand our history of existence. By 1998, the answers to fundamental questions of existence were clear and simple. I kept it to myself for 9 years, just working and living, but one can only hear so much bad news in the media before feeling obligated to share. So in 2007, Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness was written, outlining the transition the the human race is going through. In short, the book cuts to the chase, and does so most notably in Chapter 8 The Answers. Again, without mincing words, the answers lead to an energetic perspective that is prevailing regardless of our work here. For instance, you can get this perspective just by watching COSMOS with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Funny thing about that is that you will turn to form groups to talk about the subject matter. That perspective is here in Secular Energeticism where we know we’re the universe interacting with itself and we relish in this idea as it has always been true of any and all life in the entire Universe.
So you see. Human perspective of its position here on this spinning sphere is changing, and yes, people need as many ways to understand it as possible. We also needs ways to remember this newer feeling of knowing we are the universe, alive. You have options, and they look just like this at this time in our evolution. Atheism and all the freethinking, skeptical, agnostic spin offs that involve doubting and debating, are speaking very loudly and acting within their respective communities. We also see Secular Humanism gaining a lot of steam out of Harvard. And here, Secular Energeticism, founded in 2007 and flying under the radar ever since with modest websites, groups, and social media. A full explanation of Energeticism begins with Chapter 5 in Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness. This perspective has stood the test of time and now Neil’s talking all about it on TV!!! Could this really get any easier?
What do we do here at SEG? We get this book to as many people as we can! We do signings, seminars, and personal sessions. We support secular groups all over the world, and receive support. Locally we engage with secular and atheist groups and organizations. We offer a variety of services to help individuals, families, and groups adjust their fundamental perspective, which changes everything! We also have designed several promotional products to help spread Secular Energeticism by way of clothing and novelty items. We also have a SEG group in Nairobi that’s run by a supporter. We are growing.
Don’t forget the clever ploy! “Matthew 10:10” was used to immediately bring up some major issues we need to face. It was also the least I could do to have fun with this project. We have since refocused our business name toward Secular Energeticists Global. Those who do get it, love the 10:10 thing, but we just need to be clear about our dedication to understanding existence for what it is, and as a result of our scientific method and experimental discernment. Indeed, this is a new day for humanity, given our past. Would you like to have fun with this, or resist it until everyone else is telling you about it?
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