You’ve encountered something brilliant and, once understood, very powerful.

That said, it can be as frightening as it is enlightening.

Therefore, one must be brave in finally understanding the realities of existence.

That is what you have encountered.

Though I have organized this, you will be the one who understands and perpetuates the ideas.

This was done in response to the needless pain and suffering that many experience, within themselves and within societies.

It is time for our cultures to catch up with our technology.

It is time for Secular Energeticism.

There is much for you to do.

Read or listen to the book. Once understood, you will see everything differently and more purely than humanity has even been allowed.

This alone takes serious time.

Then, you may choose to share the ideas with others.

It took 200,000 years, minimum, to develop the understandings we live with today.

It will take many more years for humanity to realize, together, our actual and apparent position, here together on this planet.

In understanding Secular Energeticism, you will be way ahead of this transition that is already in process.

Welcome to life on Earth. Welcome to Secular Energeticism.

The Book is called Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness and may be found on Amazon.

There are also stickers and clothes with semi-provocative statements.

Links to these things and more may be found in the menus.