You’ve gone far enough.
You’ve found what you have been looking for.
You may not be consciously searching for this right now, but here it is.
The answers to the fundamental questions of existence.
If you are like most, which most are, then you will not be pleased with some of them.
Simple as they are, they are not what many want to hear.
I find most atheists and secular minds are aware of them.
That is why we have created all these descriptions that are what we wanted to hear (i.e. religions).
Existence is very simple. Complex is all that humans have created in their efforts to describe it.
After more than 200,000 years, the human race may finally understand itself as it is.
In other words, we’ve been lied to for understandable reasons.
If you proceed, you will come to understand those reasons to deceive ourselves.
Here, the deception is over.
Do you think that life is easy? Most do not, no matter their position.
Why would you think that explanations of existence would be easy?
Some of the explanations are difficult to come to terms with,
especially in light of all that has been conceived and created.
In this you will find that there is much more to shed, in undertanding existence, than there is to gain.
Allow me to remind you of the questions that we love to avoid.
Ask yourself, “why do we avoid them?”
Who are we?
What are we?
When are we?
How are we?
Where are we?
Why are we?
When you go out and ask these questions in public,
the array of answers is hysterical, literally.
Here you are.
The Official Website for Secular Energeticism
Are you aware that we are traveling awarenesses?
It is time for us to realize the fundamental truths 
of existence,
of our position,
and of the Universe.
A simple way of breaking the news to humanity is embodied within the pages of:
Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness
All that you see here,
the website,
the book,
the clothing,
the meetup,
the support,
and a few Facebook pages
was done not only for you,
but moreover for humanity at large.
Us (Chapter 9).
Fear not.
Once we understand the fundamental truths of existence,
we will still have infinite options for thought,
as has always been the case.
Be brave. We need no “higher power”. We’re it.
Know that you’ve found what we all have been seeking for over 50,000 years.
Most really would rather not know, this is apparent.
I don’t blame us.
We had little choice in the matter when we made it all up.
And now, I would rather know no different.
Had I never known, I’d be just like all those before me who never knew.
Now we can know.
All of this is here for you.
Please, take what you will, and participate as you wish.
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